SAG Meetings and Events

Contact us for more details on these events. Note: Annual calendar will be completed at the January. Grotto meetings are normally held at 7:30 PM on Saturday with caving before and or after.

Grotto Meeting1/27/24 McCloud
Grotto Meeting2/24/24 McCloud
Grotto Meeting3/23/24 Yreka
Grotto Meeting4/27/24 Shasta CavernsCave trips to be announced
Grotto Meeting5/17-19/24 Lava Beds Camping Contact Liz if interested
Grotto Meeting6/28-30/24 Hat Creek Campout (at Hat Creek Campground)
NSS Convention7/1-5/24TN. Contact CJ for more info
Grotto Meeting7/27-29/24Dry Camp Medicine Lake HighlandsYellowjacket Ice cave, maybe surveying meeting 28th
Marbles8/5-11/24Contact Steve for mule reservations
Grotto Meeting8/24/23 McCloud
Western Region9/18-22/24Cougar, WA
Grotto Meeting9/28/24 McCloud. Caving the week before, contact CJ
Grotto Meeting10/20-27/24 McCloud River Bridge Meeting 26th
Grotto Meeting12/7/24 McCloudWhite  Elephant, Potluck, nominations for officers

Western Region Meeting Hosts